8 July 2014

Happy ten years!

Tomorrow on the tenth day of July, Nath and I celebrate ten years of marriage - TEN SOLID YEARS! That may seem long to some, & short to others. To me .. I deem it worthy of this blog.

I'm not writing in this space to espouse all my wordy marital wisdom as if I have we've got it all sorted and there's nothing left to learn. In fact, it's quite the opposite. But if there's one thing I know, it's that this specific date is not worth remembering due to my ivory dress or the pretty bonbonnieres. It's more so a proud personal celebration because of the seasons of joy, and moments of sadness and madness we've ventured through together, hand in hand. It's about the gradual, continuous journey that we are on, trying (unsuccessfully at times) to put each other first as we slowly become more like Him.

So, I'm purposely avoiding showing you captures of my straight-ironed fringe and pretty pointy shoes that walked me down the aisle. Instead, here is a glimpse of moments of our life and living together .... since the day we said "I do".

Happy ten years to my precious friend and my greatest earthly treasure. To my God for this man, I say thank you!

Love Nomes xo

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