20 April 2014

Oh baby Oh baby!!

So we’re havin a baby! 30+ years of living and nearly ten years of marriage ... we thought it was about time! 

I am presently 26 weeks ... so well over half way. Of course we feel especially thrilled at the prospect of our very first baby-Berry - but, in all honesty, I'm finding this pregnancy thing not a whole lot of fun. I feel this body of mine now has a mind of its own. It grows in any direction it wants; frowns at usually-consumed foods; and decides to cry, laugh or anger itself at a drop of a hat. Anyone would think it has been taken over by someone else ;)

For Nath, well up until recently, it’s been business as usual. He found it slightly difficult to appreciate what was going on in my bod - except to suggest, at one point, that maybe (just maybe) the ‘morning sickness’ affair was a part of a “world wide female’ conspiracy”! However, after realising that the tummy fluttering and stirring was not solely a bad case of diarrhoea .... he was able to 'feel' a little more connected to the wriggling one.   

In recent days, we’ve seen our little person moving and grooving on the Doc’s scanning screen, showing up a four-dimensional smile, hiccup and yawn.  Needless to say, the expecting father's interest reached a new height at this point, and we were delivered the unforseen news that this little berry-baby is in fact a pink one.

So, for those who care and want to know more - we’ve a plan to come home to Oz to birth this little bub. I’ll be flying back early June; driving out this baby late July; and hopefully returning to Jak-city, all babied-up, a few weeks later. Nath has to dash off to start his new role at a slightly different school early August, so we’re sincerely praying that my genes are nothing to go by, and this baby delivers within good time.

I apologise to those who have been fervently requesting baby bump pics. I feel I should send one through due to being an overseas dweller ... so here it is ... all “glowing” and growing:

Thanks for those who have supported and shown interest close and far. We look forward to telling you more about our bubbling Berry baby in weeks and months to come.

Bye for now,

Nomes xo 

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