17 August 2014

A note of thanks!

Hello friends and family in blog land! This is Nath.

It has been an eventful few months of which we will probably never experience again. It has included our family spending large chunks of time a part; moving house; giving birth to a new baby in a city we were visiting; and of course the usual craziness of what happens in Asia!
Nomes left Jakarta and ventured back to Adelaide just before school finished. This was due to airline regulations about flying pregnant. She flew out heavily pregnant from the beautiful Indonesian climate straight back into a cold Adelaide winter. We were supported by a number of people during our time in Adelaide. The support of these folk was crucial in allowing us to cope - & to give birth.
Many people helped us during this time and we are truly grateful. So, we would like to take the time to thank a few individually by name, for their geneorosity.
Thank you firstly to Bec and Hamilton for their constant support, their tasty meals, and for housing Nomes when she first arrived back.
Thank you to Sarah for allowing Nomes and I to stay in your place both whilst you were away, and also briefly whilst you were there.
Thank you to Ben and Megan for giving us your house during the last week of pregnancy. You purposely went on a holiday to avail your house to us during this tricky phase of the pregnancy journey. This was incredibly generous and thoughtful of you. Which to people who know you well, doesn’t come as a surprise!
To Neil and Lea - thank you for allowing us to float in and out of your house as we needed to. Your flexibility with us was much appreciated and your willingness to work around us, post baby, was incredibly helpful.
And to Nick and Robyn, who are and have been a constant support to us near and far.
We also really needed to be able to move around the city on our return and three key groups of people came to our rescue with their generous gift of a car.
This thanks goes firstly to Sarah for allowing us to use your little sky blue bug whilst you were away. Sam and Matt - your little black Mazda was vitally important to us coping with an otherwise tricky time. And finally to Bec Secombe’s mum Susan. Your white station wagon was a God send towards the end of our time in Adelaide. It competently drove us to the hospital in the later stages of labour, and was the car that brought our little one home from hospital again.
We won’t lie to you – this time has been tough - especially being in a place that we have come from, but  presently do not consider home. However, the people mentioned above made a rather difficult time, more easier; so to these greatly generous guys, we are truly thankful!
To brighten up this space, I’ll end with a sneak preview of our next blog.
Please be introduced to our Nahla Mae Berry.


  1. Aw. We enjoyed having you back for a while and meeting Nahla Mae. She is nearly as stunning as Missy Berry!.

  2. You are most welcome! Glad we could help. Was so good to see you guys and meet your little lady. Can't wait to catch up with you again when you are back! Much love guys xoxo