30 August 2013

The attitude of gratitude!

Last Saturday evening, our bald-headed pastor reminded us of a simple but often lapsed thought ... the attitude of gratitude! It was a precious humble hint that was perfectly timed.

I love the illustration in Luke's story of the ten lepers. An encounter with Jesus brings these ten outcasts total healing and restoration to society ... yet only one came back to say thank you. The irony of the one who came back is a story beyond my capability to effectively explain. Still, I love that this story so brilliantly reminds us of how humanly-minded it is to adopt the ease of oblivion; and honestly speaking, sometimes in my case, an attitude of an ingratitude.

So in keeping to my promise ... I want to declare the blessings of this year; and thank my Jesus who so graciously forgives me even when I forget.

So, here is what we're thankful for,
  • Good health.
  • A much improved house and home.
  • A family-friendly neighbourhood.
  • Fantastic new work colleagues.
  • Our sweet and fun-loving students.
  • A two minute walk to school.
  • A second home in Pondok Indah.
  • A great church community.
  • Our precious four-legged family member.
  • The support of far-away family and friends.
  • Freshly made juices every morning.
  • A helping hand around home.
  • A much improved work-life balance.
  • A newly-appointed, highly-competent head of school.
  • and Nick and Robyn Combes!
To these things and more, we are truly thankful!



  1. Thanks for keeping the reminder going! And that you referred to Bernard as our bald-headed pastor :) He has engrained it in us all! See you tonight! :)

  2. thanks Naomi, this is just what I need. So good to be encouraged to always give thanks.