26 July 2013

The land of Laos

Six months ago, my sister-Sar announced she was coming to visit! Whilst discussing her vacation time, she proposed an idea - "Why don't we go backpacking along the Mekong in Laos?!" At the time - flights, schedules and decisiveness synchronised happily - but then six months went by.

The day Sar arrived we all regretfully agreed that our busy schedules deterred any thought of trip preparation & planning. Thus, the morning of departure was a busy one that included a frenzy of google-searching, money exchanging, last-minute buying and unsure packing.

Luckily for us, the pre-trip chaos swiftly turned to fun and excitement as we began travelling through this landlocked country. With picture postcard glory on every turn, the freshness of food and Lao-coffee was a sweet treat; and this time was personally declared a surprising gem!

In sweeping retrospect, this adventure was a perfect end to our summer-break; and a refreshing time full of laughter and much-needed sisterly bonding (with many thoughts going out to our other sister-Bec).

Although we did not live like gibbons like originally thought :) Be introduced to the beauty of Laos .....


  1. Beautiful pictures! Can we come next time pleeease?? Sounded like a great trip xx