2 October 2013

Our home abroad

I have a confession to make: I’m a wonderful consumer! I … really … enjoy ….  buying …. stuff. It’s of course not something I should be proudly declaring to the world - but I am and have chosen to for two reasons.
The first reason is to visibly showcase the final touches to my new home abroad. One that started with only four suitcases and one guitar; to one that is now “slightly” fuller (I say with head down and shameful expression). The second is to uplift my non-materialistic and down-to-earth husband who so graciously allowed me to go out and execute my generational-y-spending-spirit, in hope for a nice little dwelling.
So I want to invite you into our little home which is nestled within leafy trees amongst a utopian neighborhood. This area is crawling with Korean walking mums; dog walking helpers; BMX riding students; and a smattering of Indonesian security guards sleeping at their posts. The blooming trees generally have an abundance of fruit; and the balmy nights make an early evening walk in this suburb very inviting.

But our home has become a very pleasant one away from our home-land; and with our final (note final) big and small additions, it now feels complete! So we welcome you into number 98 on Dago Raya. Come inside and have a look.

The lounding area

The dining area

Our bedroom

The guest room

Thanks for coming!


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  1. Looks awesome guys! We'll done, settling in nicely. Can't wait to come visit one day soon! Xxoo