14 July 2013

Happy holidays!

So its four weeks down, & two to go! Where oh Dorothy ... has it gone?! It has been so oh dreamy, and celestially refreshing ... with no thought of school nor Saturday planning. We feel very thankful for holidays like these with simply nothing to do but to think up something to do! :)

So having waved good-bye to our first family guests, we now set sail for our next holiday adventure to Laos together with my visiting sister-Sarah. But before we go forth, I thought I'd spare a quick Sunday-night-minute to send you all through a pic or two of our break-time so far. It has included Indonesian artistry & the visitation of a famous Hindu temple ... plus a sneaky visit to our favorite beach-island getaway. For those who care, here's where we're at.

The making of Indonesian Batik
Borobudur temple
(& the practicing language students)
The gorgeous waters of Lombok Island
And how can I not mention the most important of them all - Happy 9th year of marriage to my most special friend .... who loves, lives and gives so freely.

I love you ..... so much!

Back in Bali ... on our 9th!

Love me xo

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