8 May 2013

A note from Missy

I’m not one for words. I’d prefer to talk with my ears and my tail. But I think it’s about time you hear on here about how life has been for me.

I won't lie, it's been tough but I don’t tend to think about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. I prefer to live in the now. So despite what's happened, I don’t really care because as long as I’m with my two-legged, elongated Mum and Dad, I’m doin just fine.

So to start, the trip over was not a highlight. I think I'd prefer to delete it from my black-bushy brain-box. I didn't know what was going on. It was dark ..... cold ..... and really really noisy. I was determined to hold on to my contents ... but it was just all too much, and far too long {please don't judge me}. Since then, that blue cage that I spent all day and all night in, has reappeared on regular occasions. Nowadays, I’m always given something of the food variety post entering, so the association with that expedition has been mostly erased.

On arrival to this new place, I was initially shocked by the thick, humid air that I was forced to breathe in. It was so different to what I knew. I soon worked out that most of my days here would be spent on the inside – so I was pretty pumped with that. I actually think I’ve got it better over here.  I wake my Dad and Mum up every single morning before the sun rises and they take me on a run. These runs tend to exhaust me to the point of sleeping all day.

My skin has done weird things since being here. I started feeling itchy all over at one point. Then, a weird tiny creature clung to my skin. It was 'sorta' hard to show my Mum so I just went with it and didn’t complain. My saving grace came when my Mum and Dad rocked up at their usual evening time slot with a gasp and a cry. I wasn’t sure what was going on. All I knew was that my face was really hard to carry. I felt like it was bigger than usual. Anyway, my paranoid Mum held my head still for a while, picked at something under my mouth that they called a tick and within minutes, my swollen head felt light again. Needless to say, I started getting regular bath time again much to my dismay.

Anyway, the itchy skin thing was really annoying. I have a history of allergies however it has now completely subsided since I started eating this new food that they give me. It’s pretty yummy. I eat brown rice, egg, broccoli and chicken heart. It keeps my tail wagging and I tend to revolve my day around it. Oh and I got these super sniffable and tasty biccys at Christmas. Thanks to my far away Nanna-Lea :) The red Christmas neck-tie was not a massive high point but thanks for thinking of me team-Meinel!
The other part of my day is waiting for my family to return. It goes really quickly. It 'kinda' feels like the moment they leave, they return. Works well for me.

I miss being patted and pampered by complete strangers. Over here, I get attention still but of a different variety. I’m not quite sure why everyone is scared of me but they get out of my way with a sharpness which suits me just fine. I mostly miss my friends. I want to send out a big roof to Leia, Lucus, Frankie, Mustard, Buster, Jazzie and the dog who gave me conjunctivitis at the dog park. I miss sniffing your bums and chasing each other in a circular motion. But I’m happier being where my family is, and although the choice to come was not of mine – I’m content where I’m at.
I know I bring a great joy and strength to my Mum and Dad; and I’m proud to welcome them home everyday to the place I now call home. Sometimes I wish I could walk along the beautiful manicured garden paths or run with the sea breeze on my face; but my job role now has changed. I’m here to comfort, love and bring joy to my family on days I sense have been tough! I’m happy to give all of me because that’s what I do best and that’s .... how I was created!

On that note, I better get back to my sleeping – this has exhausted me.
Here’s a big lick and sniff to you all from me Missy B


  1. Classic Woof Woof! Loved it! xx

  2. I hope Missy enjoys her weekends in Pondok Indah. Love Mum

  3. What a dog of a life i lead. Would'nt mind a pug chick to hang around with. MISSY B.