18 May 2013


Ice cream lovers .... grab onto your seats. It's the ultimate Magnum royal treatment; and although we here in Indo don't pride ourselves on our selection of Magnum bars (well, in comparison to Australia anyway) ... we instead bring a cafe which is so much greater.

Located on the 5th floor of the Grand Indonesia mall, resides a place that Jarkatans will waste one hour of their lives waiting in a line for a magnificent Magnum creation.

This is me at the end of the
waiting game

People can either experience the ambiance of creating their very own signature ‘Belgium-covered-chocolate-ice cream-dish’ ... OR ... they can gaze & select from a wide array of creations including that of the Waffle de Aristocrat.

This piece of art includes a stack of crispy Belgium caramel filled waffle, topped with a roasted caramelised banana, a sweet wafer, and two sticks of Magnum ice cream. If Nath was writing this I'm sure he'd concur that the caramel waffle had a subtle crunch to every bite with a sweetness that happily balanced the creamy ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauce (Sound Matt Preston enough?). Although a portion to share .... he happily demolished singly.

Can you see the second hiding
magnum bar?

Myself being a 'last-meal-on-this-earth-and-choosing-ice-cream' kinda' girl was in earthly-heaven. I enjoyed the Deconstructed cheesecake which was as the name suggests. I gleefully poured it down with a slurp, burp and brain freeze.

My Dad enjoyed a melting moment fondue package which was all too extravagant and overly satisfying. I was quick to assist him in the clean up of that sweet-runny choc.

But what's better than any of this .... is that this place is shockingly cheap! Creations like this range from a conservative 3 to 5 Aussie bucks. It makes the experience oh so much better when you're handed a cheap bill coupled with an Indonesian smile :)

So .... if you have managed to drool, I do not at all apologise. That was totally my intention and please know, these visual don't even begin to encapsulate the taste!



  1. What, I have to send twice cos my last message did not work I am being told. Wow hope they have created some empty of calorie options by the time I arrive. Or maybe if they have a Darrell Lea rocky road version I can just indulge anyway!Another idea if I save a thousand calories for each of the next 4 weeks I could indulge 4000 cals in one hit. Looking forward to it luv me

  2. Funny that . My magic word to prove I was not a robot, was unconscious, I could be after that shot of sugar haha it did make me chuckle