20 April 2013

Turning 30 ~

I have spent most of my living and growing days claiming that I'm just a baby! I'm the youngest of three girls and married to someone four years my senior; so I have simply always considered myself a fresh whipper snapper ... but then last Monday came.

On April the 15th back in the early 80's - my bottle brush head was born. I'm not going to say that my age crept up on me, nor that I am unsure to where these last 30 years disappeared to; but I will admit a moment in which I simply couldn't fathom the fact that the choice to not be thirty was not a choice of mine. It was a quirky yet surreal thought.

I compare it to when you're single, in a relationship or married - people expect you to find a partner, get married or have kids. There's this unspoken pressure to make the coming of thirty a big event; and the question was asked on numerous occasions what it was that I was planning to do to celebrate. So instead, and to - in the words of the great John Farnam - take the pressure down, I decided to leave it in the very reliable hands of my Nath, Mum and Dad. Not surprisingly, they beautifully wrapped up all my favourite things and delivered me a superb-weekend-present.

This present started on the morning of last Saturday. After sipping caramel macchiato’s, I was whisked off in a taxi to a spacious overnight room at the opulent Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Jakarta. Not too long after settling into the room, I was sent ‘like a parcel’ to a two hour almond ritual spa treatment.

The cute masseuse was certainly NOT going to let my age take over my skin. I was washed, wrapped, painted on and molded - my silky smooth skin was rejoicing and my torn muscles were singing' praises!

 Then this happened .....

Ten of my newly-found friends surprised me for a sit down buffet dinner. It was a lovely night of great food and conversation; and I felt very honored and cared for by this tribe of people.

Then Sunday came, the eve of my day of birth. Just when I thought that by packing my bags it was over - it was only getting started. After being fussed over on my morning workout, I entered the breakfast room - & It.was.a.a.amazing! I felt like I was Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2 ….. eager and way to excited about all the things to see, try and do.  The array of gourmet goodness at this breakie was all too much; and very appropriately I claimed that it was "...the best breakfast in my thirty year existence" ... These photos simply don't do it justice.

Lastly and before calling it an occasion – Nath and I rested and sunned ourselves whilst being delivered ongoing serves of sorbet and freshly squeezed juice ‘on the house’ no less. It was a great end to a memorable celebration and I felt humbled and grateful for the generosity bestowed on me.

I think I read this quote in some trashy women’s mag at some point, but I haven’t forgotten it - "Everything I know, I learned after I was thirty". In reflecting on my adult years - I've studied and changed careers twice. I've moved houses close to a dozen times. I've travelled to approximately twenty countries; and more recently I have moved my life to a third world country - So if this statement is anything to go by, I don't know if I should be excited or scared! Still, I'm learning to be content where I am; and it's taken me until now to be able to say that. I feel extremely blessed to still be here in good holistic health, surrounded by people who care about me enough ... to celebrate my thirty years of life.

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