18 July 2015

Welcoming summer holidays, friends and family!

Due to it being freeeeeeezing cold back home, we happily opted to spend our 7 week long summer holiday in the Indonesian warmth .... and welcomed good friends and family to join us.

Our friends – Ben, Megan and little-Timmy – were here first.

We braved Jakarta’s infamous traffic, and “drifted” patiently through this city, showcasing some of what this place has to offer.

It was also a high point witnessing our tiny additions build their young friendship. Whilst Tim was on foot and Nahla still on knee, her admiration for his good looks and maturity was clearly seen over the dinner table. She continues to enjoy a green pea and chunk of mango in remembrance of him ;)

We then flew to Bali with the Cheney-fam, soaked in the sunshine-filled holiday-vibe; before waving them goodbye and welcoming the next set of guests. The Meinels, Naths big-sis and her family-team, ventured across the ocean to meet us in Bali.


A large holiday-in-the-making saw them visit Bali, Jakarta and Singapore with A WHOLE LOT in between. It was a non-stop / fun-filled / trip-of-a-lifetime for that tribe. I thought I’d let little Kiana Meinels’ fancy photography tell just SOME of their story.


Whilst we still have some holiday weeks in front of us, we have genuinely enjoyed having these homeland visitors come and strangely connect our two worlds. We so appreciated you coming, and embracing this life, and our living.

Until next time, stay warm (those of you who live down under)!



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