23 April 2015

Special occasions!

I realise it is completely selfish of me to force this display of my world onto you – so if you have very little time in your life, go wash the dishes now!

But if you’re still with me (or wish to procrastinate) - I will add, this is not really about me. Instead, it’s about my big-sis & her hunky hubby, who recently said ‘I do’. And about a little 8 month old third culture child, who unbeknown to her, received an early first birthday (a consequence of being a third culture child).

So special-sexy-Sare, & grand-gorgeous-George – my sincere congratulations! This was your moment, and we loved witnessing you declaring that it’s actually not about the day, but about your love in marriage. What a gift it is to you and to us. Let us reminisce ...

And for my preciously innocent Mae-Mae, who is not yet one. Your far-away family wanted to celebrate their love and your life.  So this ... was your moment!  May you enjoy these pictures in years to come.

For George, Sarah & Nahla - may social media forever publish my thoughts for you on these special occasions.  

Much love to all you three, from me.


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