11 November 2014

Its the small things

Last time I was here - this blog space printed words of anixety and despair ... whilst waiting for the news regarding my dear Mum. But I'm now here to turn those words upside down with a prognosis that says heres the best case scenario - my mummas cancer has not spread!

Although still a journey of successful surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and, at times, emotional agitation - her scenario is as bright as can be. Still, we continue to grip onto Jesus whilst in humility we say thanks.

I am still yet to hug my Mum who presently still waits and resides in Adelaide. Tomorrow we will hear the doctors orders of therapy and we hope this will suggest that she starts in a few weeks which can see her return to Jakarta to tie up a few loose ends.

But as I look back over these days that have shaken up my world & twisted my perspective - I am left with a few sharing thoughts.

During the week in which I was waiting to hear of what was to be of my Mum - a simple sentence was playing in my head. It's the small things that will fill your heart with joy. The little pleasures. The simple miracles. The silent whisper of God that says "I'm here. Cling onto me". But I didn't find this joy whilst trying on the latest, branded pair of jeans; or in that oversized metalic lantern that I so desperately wanted to sit in my house.

But instead, I heard His silent and calming whisper through the feel of Nahlas chest raise for breath, whilst sleeping deep on my chest.

Through the freshness and smell of some newly bunched flowers.

And in the smile of these precious little people, that presently live in Jakartas largest dump site (thats a blog for another time)

It was small ways like these that I felt God hug me; and illustrate that He loves, He's there and He cares what I'm going through.

Despite getting good news from the doctors relating to my Mums prognosis, I have been trying to hold onto these humble and personal thoughts that reminds me that God often shows up in the small things - in the "small" King David; & in the "small" food trough that little Jesus once lay. It's these small things that reminds me how big He is.

In conclusion - I want to thank you for your prayers, thoughts, messages and emails. We are genuinely grateful & appreciate that you care.

See you on here again soon,

Nomes x

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