21 October 2014

Fighting a battle we did not choose

It is with a desperately heavy heart, I write these words – My precious Mum has cancer. Her 16 year ago breast cancer has reared its ugly head again, & on finding out last Friday evening - we are now all fighting a battle that we did not choose.   

I’ve been anxiously grappling with the idea to write this blog – knowing that by writing these words, my grief in this moment will accelerate by somehow making this reality real. But I choose to share this news in order to gather my thoughts, inform those I know and love, & encourage friends near and far to collaborate & pray for my dearest mum.

My Dad has left today to go be with her in Adelaide where she will undergo various tests and scans this week to determine a prognosis. My sisters remain there presently & are looking after her so beautifully. And although my heart is sick with longing to be with them and with her - it is calming knowing she is so well loved and gently cared for.

At this point, in my thought process I am struggling to mentally manage anything that goes beyond an ‘over 1cm’ localised lump in her breast. We are desperately hoping for only this and talking to Jesus about a full and complete healing through surgery and treatment. But also the battle exists in enabling my thought-box to engage in a conversation with the Holy Spirit that is much louder than the conversation with the opposition (a word from Nath). Please pray this for us all.

We will know all detail this Friday after scans ... So the test comes as we humbly wait and try to work on our trust muscle whilst petitioning to our all-encompassing, all-powerful God who created all things & loves us more than the mind can fathom.

I wanna end by sharing with you a song that has continued to speak volumes to me. The title and lyrics reminds me that in allowing these battles to occur .... He still remains ever present .... And not only that - He takes the ruins of our lives, and makes them beautiful!
Love Naomi

Please note: If the above link did not work - see it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkUuA0IBE3k

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  1. Naomi, we were so sorry to hear this news. This is a lovely post, and David and I will join you in praying both for your mom and your own internal struggle against "the opposition" (wonderfully put, Nathan). We love you guys.