10 July 2012

Introducing Lippo Cikarang

So we have arrived safe and well in cute Lippo Cikarang (pronounced with a 'Ch' - such vital information!) This little satellite township exists on the east of Jakarta. It boasts an array of malls, restaurants, spas, sporting facilities and a luscious, fun-loving water park that will no doubt bring the kid out in all of us! We have had a few days to zip around on my Dad's trusty scooter, spotting the sites & searching for potential hang-outs. It is a nice, cute, self-reliant city which has much to offer. But, in all honesty, it feels kinda strange to be here; it is not so much the place that is strange but that this is now our home!
Even so, last Saturday night, our furry little friend ventured for 15 hours across the sea, in a luggage-like crate, to arrive in our arms, all in one piece. She was quite weirded out and her behaviour was slightly peculiar but she has been a breath of fresh air, and a silent comfort that has been a treasure to us. We will be honest and say this - so far our start has not been the way it should have been or we would have planned. There have been some real low times and significant moments of grief. But, we rest assured knowing this was never going to be easy and we have a GREAT God who is cheering for us.
I apologise at this point for the lack of photo evidence and creativity on our blog so far. I do promise that soon this communicative screen will come with more colour and visual excitement, as I'm sure you would much rather see than read. We are proud to announce that we have new smart phones. We are very excited by this and feel we were '...blind but now we see'. Thus, our crazy-fun smart phones, of the android range, will deliver some great photos soon and i will be sure to blog them as soon as i can.
So i must go, but i just wanted to touch base with all those reading, and tell you that we're alive and well.
For most of you out there - stay warm; and at the same time, we shall try to stay cool!!
Nomes xo


  1. you are an honest sis!!
    thanks mate......i have been checking daily.....once my life gets back into a non holiday mode i will be more distracted and i wont think of you as often....which....mmmm might not be a good thing. Hey im being honest!! went to aquatic centre today yep the old Nth Adelaide one. Not exactly like the indo water park but in winter kidz LOVED it. fun times.....Yep God sure is cheering. Love that thought to ponder upon. You guys sure are brave. building you both intot he people God wants.

  2. Hey Nomes, good to hear your story so far.....I'll write a big email on the weekend. Merry sends her love.
    Lise xxxxxxxxxxxxxx