27 July 2012

"Good morning Mrs Naomi..."

I apologise firstly for my blog silence. Our new lives here have been crazy busy with houses to be mended, & classrooms to be set. But i am here now & i am proud to say that we got through our first week of junior primary teaching. Hooray!!!!
So my first day of school began with a students' technicolour yawn in the hall way; followed by another student and his 'John McEnroe' tantrum. Mmmmm .... welcome to the world of teaching! But although tired and hankering for a sleep-in past 5:05am (yep, school starts before the sparrows ......), Nath and I have both made positive starts and amongst the busyness, we feel a real sense of peace and joy.

Last blog, I promised you less talk and more pictures; so I thought I'd let my 'u bewt' samsung camera tell the rest of the story. Please note that I am amateur in the whole classroom set-up thing, but i thought I'd show you a snapshot of my efforts.

So welcome to my grade two classroom! Come and have a look around ....

The grand entrance

The time consuming book display

Gotta love classroom monitors

The reading corner

Our PYP 'Essential Agreement'
and then there' s every teacher's power tool - the behaviour scheme!
Not a classroom favourite THAT'S for sure.

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting!!!!



  1. Ah Nomes those signs ...........lots of rugs you don't see that here! What's a bit of vomie to a nurse?!!! Love ya xxx

  2. farout girl!! that looks like a happy organised place! the parents will feel amazing just walking into your room. I dare you to be that orderly and clean in 6 months time?

  3. Wow Nomes, your classroom looks great! (I stumbled across a link to your blog on FB,such a cool way to hear about all your adventures)So funny to see so many Korean kiddies flying the flag, "fighting" - a popular word they like to say to show spirit! Hope you & Nath are starting to feel a bit more at home over there, thinking of you guys xJane