5 March 2016

Berry's Abroad no-longer

After 4 big years, smothered with countless memories, we have decided to return to Adelaide! We’ve a plan to arrive late June, when our school year ends, & we’re already dreading the chill of its’ winter. Four years of 32 degrees each day, means that we’ll be reaching back for our jackets, cracking out the crockpot, and readying ourselves for Adelaide traffic - all 30 minutes of it ;)

We’ve worked out that we do have what it takes to cut the mustard overseas; and we’ve certainly triumphed past the growing pains of culture shock. We’ve learnt to embrace this differing way of life, and learnt that different is O.K! 

So why are we returning?! Simply put, we need to return to “recalibrate”. This will look like a little bit of study, a little bit of work, and a little bit of time, before packing our bags to do it all again somewhere else in the world. Nath plans to be chasing full time teaching work, & I plan to be chasing Nahla full time ;) with the slight possibility of part-time teaching.

So we go on from Jak-City - having moved 8th times in our married life - & look forward to bringing the Indonesian pieces of life (& furniture) back with us. We are excited to move in to our house in Glandore, & Nahla looks forward to discovering her Australian roots.

I want to end and state this : We’ve loved our time here in Jakarta! We are not leaving here because we haven't. We love living overseas enough that we hope to do it again in the future. We are sad to leave what we’ve built here but know that the difference its made will move on with us. You may have not noticed but I’ve deliberately steered away from writing the statement that we are returning home. Because we believe we are home …. we've always been home ... because home is where ever we are!

Here's a glimpse of it ...

Thanks for listening. Thanks for caring.

Nomes x

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  1. Beautifully put, Naomi! And home is so transient! In order to truly live life you have to be able to be "home" wherever you find yourself. Though I do have to say, I think that a trip to the US should be in your future as well! Love you guys!