20 February 2013

Assembly time!

I wasn't going to blog about this particular event due to lack of photographic evidence; but when I got sent some copies of this proud-punching moment, I just couldn't refuse. WARNING: The content and images you are about to witness are all school-related, so if this bores you ... look away now!

The panic, stress, organisation and logistical process leading up to this event was enormous. My new teachers' brain was completely over-awed at the thought of orchestrating twenty-four 8 year olds to learn lines; remember cues; speak clearly into a microphone (& not drop it); and put on a performance in front of their fellow elementary school goers .... ALL ... on my own (might I add). There was plenty of hair-raising, jaw-dropping and sleepless moments leading up to this time; however, like always in my life, the good ol' 'stress less' lesson reoccured; & as the big guy so graciously teaches me - 'It all worked out in the end'.

Still, I started this process pretty early and forced practise on my sweet grade twoers for an hour a day from Christmas break to Feb 8. But it was on this delightful day, that these little guys rock and rolled the stage so bright! All twenty four of em' totally blew me away with their clear speaking and expressive performing. Although just a snapshot, here is a picture of the much anticipated, much talked about (sorry fam) Grade Two assembly - entitled 'Health and Safety'.

I'd like to end and say a decent thank you to my sweet mother in law Lea (and of course you too Neil); my precious mother and father; and my loving sisters from Oz who sent me endless messages of encouragement and gracious words of prayer. You guys are great and def worth this mention!


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