18 January 2013

The talented Mr. E!

So we're back into it again, after a refreshing break in Oz. We managed to leave the 40+ degree weather behind us .... & step into the biggest floods Jakarta has experienced in living memory (but that's a significant story for another day).

So I want to introduce you to someone. He comes to you in picture form. He is a beautiful soul that brings a tear to my eye & a smile to my dial. He lives his work day in a cube-like room mostly full of paper & photocopy machines; but from this room, he has managed to impact many a person, myself included. This man has faithfully served at our school consistently and with excellence for the past 14+ years. He works for all the teachers, both senior school and junior, & has perrrrr-fected his craft! The man laminates, cuts, copies, colours, creates - he basically does anything you so ask - & he does it in a blink of the eye & with delicate precision.

I am writing about this man to honour his attitude, his faithfulness, his patience, his generosity, & his silent but humble work ethic. He's not out to impress or win employee of the year; nor to seek promotion or human appraisal. This mans' reverential nature is an inspiration to me; & I am enormously thankful for him, & his time-saving assistance. To the children, he's known as the 'photocopy man'; to the staff, he's known as 'Pak Enda'. To me, he's known as a precious gift. So to my God for this man, I say thank you!


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