9 November 2012

The world of PYP

So this week, I was challenged with a huge assignment. It was altogether exhausting, enjoyable and rewarding. I brought it upon myself for the sake of my students, their parents and the summarising end product of what's called a PYP unit of inquiry. So PYP stands for 'Primary Years Programme'. It's an international curriculum model and teaching methodology that focuses on skill, inquiry and student-initiated learning in the primary school. Amongst the boundless jargon and its' detailed description - I'm learning that this PYP thing is actually helpful in the intellectual development of a young person.

However, it contains endless hours of paper-work and thought provoking learning scenarios; and as a newby in the world of teaching, the fluffiness of it all can be a little overwhelming. However, this week, my cute and lovable grade two's exhibited the result of their work in a PYP unit. There are six units that the PYP teacher organises throughout the year; and this week we completed the second. The unit was entitled - 'Here We Are. Where Are You?' - and in a nutshell, focused on the variability of physical geography around the world; and how where people live affects how they live!

So, although a whole lot of organising, it was a proud teaching moment. The kids showcased their work through song, dialogue and display. So I have for you a snapshot of this worldly occasion.

The Chinese

The Aussies

The Koreans

The Indonesians

The Russians

The Japanese
Thanks for travelling with me,

Nomes xo

P.s Next blog with be brought to you by Nath - and it'll be all things food-related

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  1. This looks amazing Naomi! You clearly love teaching the kids must love you. Thanks for sharing with us all Ruth C