31 August 2012

Wallowing in Aqua Spa

I thought it's about time that we introduce you to some of our indulgences here in Indo-land. This place of course has its' challenges; but the many lovable highlights far outweigh them all. So, as we trek through our days and weeks doing life here in Lippo Cikarang, we continue to discover new things. One of which is my all time favourite past time - maaaaassage.

Those of you who know me well, know that I love that God created such a thing. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been pretty focused on finding the right place and the best skin-kneaders. But for those of you who have been worried about this, please rest assured and know that the search is now over. Through the lush foliage of Lippo Cikarang resides a little place called 'Aqua Spa'.

This contemporary Balinese-designed spa is where heaven meets Indonesia. It sits connected to Lippo Cikarang's famous waterpark and it taketh my breath away! I seriously think I'm walking into heavens gates only to be greeted by Ms Efi and a cool drink (& no she is not greek).  Under Efi's care are many sweet therapists that shuffle around in cute brown sarongs matched with white jacket-like tops. I must also direct special attention to my newly found massage therapist 'Dwe', and her long firm strokes and circular skin rolling. She's a absolute winner in my eyes and as Nath can tell you, that's a pretty big call.

So perhaps I'm trivialising heaven a little, but I'd like to think that there would be plenty of luscious green trees and water features up with the big guy.

For those of you I've managed to make jealous - I'm sorry because that was not my intention. So to make you feel better I can tell you that there is one recent downside - last week, the price of massage escalated from eight dollars to a whoppin ten ;-)

(Next blog you shall hopefully hear from Nath. He promises to bring you a letter so stay tuned)

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